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 What's Happening with Declan?

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PostSubject: What's Happening with Declan?   Mon 18 Apr - 22:37

Hello Declan Fans! Smile

I live in America and just recently discovered Declan. He's absolutely amazing! I am completely swooned by the sight and sound of him.
But, very saddened to find out he is no longer recording? I also heard he was hit by a van on the way to deliver a letter and has dyslexia due to it and was in a coma??!! There is also a Facebook In Memory of him. Stating that he died. WTH?!
But, I have also heard he is fine and is writing his own music and will return. I understand he is in School. Does anyone know if he really got hit by a van? And if he's really writing his own songs? Is he still with Route 66?
I've done a little research but, if someone knows the truth here please tell me. Otherwise I'll have to look more into this.

Please, don't guess or tell me what you've heard. Until I hear or read something from Declan, it's all hear-say anyway but, please just tell me what you know.

He's really incredible, and I am a HUGE fan now...and I really wanna know what's actually happening for real.

Thank you, God bless.

P.S Where does he live? Thanks
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What's Happening with Declan?
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