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PostSubject: I LOVE DECLAN ^_^   Sun 13 Feb - 20:34

[font=Arial Black]Ammmmmm do not know what to say but I really liked YOUR voice hoarse and beautiful and should YOU know that you're the first person I love it, Embarassed
True that I have loved but
That they both loved them from the anime
(People from my favorite cartoon movies)
But when I saw you the first time really impressed by your voice and your face

Especially since I know you are a teenager and this is important to me Because I AM A teenage girl like you BUT You are the biggest

here Consider as your a big sister ^ ^ ^ ^
Do not laugh from me please ) ) > _ < Crying or Very sad
Try to sing as much as possible in places where the largest of the public, fans, and the channels known to all the world
In order to lead to an increase in your fans and rising fame of the world ^ ^
I hope that you consider me one of your fans >>>>
But from another country than your country ^ ^!
Ammm and I liked also that
Most of your songs are
Romantic Embarassed
And finally ..
I apologize if my words a bit disturbing .. Sorry ..
I hope to surpass all the obstacles that you may experience

And increase your effort and perseverance and forward

I apologize for the message is long .. I'm sorry Rolling Eyes

your sister :
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